The Mission of Farmshares.info is to connect as many Americans as possible with opportunities to eat local food through a user-friendly, comprehensive, up-to-date online CSA directory.

Farmshares.info envisions a United States where the average person values fresh, healthy, local food, is therefore willing to pay a premium for it, and feels empowered to make the right decision as far as where and how to purchase such food.

This site is a volunteer effort created by a CSA (community supported agriculture) supporter to help others choose the right CSA for their lifestyle. It is not endorsed by any farm or organization and its sole purpose is to be a supporter of this community food network. Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

Previously this site was known as ColoradoCSAs.info, but we’ve expanded it to multiple states, so we changed the name to Farmshares.info. Same great content, more states.

If you are looking to find the right CSA for you, I’d recommend my free email course on that very topic.

My name is Dan Moore, and my wife and I are behind the site, with help from friends who did data gathering and gave feedback about design. I have been a member of a CSA since 2007; this site grew out of questions I had when I was first looking for the right farm share, and I hope it helps you. More on what makes this site unique.

Press Inquiries

Please feel free to call Dan at 720 560 8545 or contact us via the email form. We are happy to speak about local food and trends we’ve seen in CSA/farm shares, as well as how a CSA works (and the immense variety in farm shares). We also have a number of farmers who we can recommend conversations with to add a different perspective to your piece.