This site is a labor of love, and has been for years. It does cost money to run and update, however. If you are interested in promoting your brand or getting your message out to the audience, please contact me. In addition to an audience that cares about food and sustainability, all ads are placed on pages related to cities and are thus targeted to audiences that are possible customers to local businesses.

Why do people visit this site (and its predecessor, Based on a site survey, as of Mar 2015:

  • 88% wanted to “learn about CSAs in my area”
  • 87% wanted to “find out more about farm shares”
  • 85% wanted to “find a particular CSA”

Here are site statistics for 2014:

  • 29944 visits (2013: 28843 visits)
  • 177630 pageviews (2013: 181628 pageviews)
  • 5 min, 12 secs average time on site (2013: 5 min, 24 secs)
  • 6.7 actions (page views, downloads and outlinks) per visit (2013: 7.2)
  • 645 facebook followers
  • 220 twitter followers

According to Quantcast, as of Jan 1, 2014, the audience is (when compared to the average internet user) more likely to be female, more likely to make more than 50K/year, has a college or grad school education, has no kids, and is between 25 and 44. Typical interests shared by visitors include: home & gardening, science/nature, travel news & info, and politics & commentary, among others. Full quantcast report here (for old site).

If you are interested in exploring advertising opportunities, please contact me.