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As of 2021, this site is no longer maintained. I am keeping the data up for historical purposes, but please contact the farmer directly. Note they may no longer be in business or offering farm shares.



City Day of Week Notes
Fort Collins Tuesday At farm
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Price Price/
Type Description Length Work Req. Notes
$575 $23.96 Produce Full Veggie Share 6 Months No Plus $100 fee
$315 $13.13 Produce Split Share 6 Months No 100 fee required of both parties.
$300 $12.50 Produce Working member Share 6 Months Working Share Available Must interview with farmer or be returning working member.
$175 $15.91 Fruit Fruit 11 Weeks No From Ela Family Farms.
$105 $5.53 Eggs One dozen eggs 19 Weeks No From Stan Wamhoff. 12 shares available.
$95 $11.88 Berry Berries 8 Weeks No From Garden Sweet Farm
$80 $13.33 Mushroom Mushroom 6 Weeks No From Hazell Dell Mushrooms, 1 lb/week.
$25 N/A Produce One week share coupon 1 Time No This gift certificate does not require membership. You must reserve your share 48 hours prior to distribution by contacting farm. Can purchase multiple.
$6 N/A Bread Bread Share 1 Time No One loaf, from Fiddletown Bakery.
$0 N/A Honey Honey N/A No Available in a variety of quantities, 8, 16 and 32 oz. Visit farm website for pricing.
$0 N/A Meat Meat N/A No From Dern Farm. Contact them directly for availablity and pricing.

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