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Users of this site are shopping for a CSA that is right for them. We believe in promoting local food and helping people find the choice that is right for them, and farm listings will always be free forever.

However, if you'd like to increase signups, we can add a coupon to your listing page. The saving entices possible members to sign up can be small--as little as $5 or $10 off your share price is enough.

In 2015, traffic from this site drove over $12,000 in revenue for one affiliate CSA using such a coupon.

In return for displaying the coupon, asks for a 5% commission on any members who sign up through the site. Such signups can be tracked with a coupon code (easy to do with any of the online CSA management software).

The 5% commission is only for the first signup via this site. If the member expands their share order, or signs up for a fall share, or renews the second year, no fee is due. If they are a happy member who stays with you for 10 years, you don't pay another dime.

Who is this program not for? If you sell out your shares every year, you don't need new members (I'd recommend raising your prices in this case). Or if you have razor thin margins, it's going to be hard to afford (and I'd still recommend looking at raising your prices).

Interested in talking more? Give us a call at 720 560 8545, or please contact us.