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This site grew out of realization that it is hard for consumers to find information about farm shares. I've had a farm share for years, and really believe in the power of farm shares to educate the consumer, provide great value and build community.

To get your farm listed (for free), just send us an email via the contact us form. Please send a link to your signup form if available, or include farm, share and pickup information. In addition, we like to put pictures on farm listings, so we'll probably ask you for one. Feel free to attach a favorite picture.

Do you need more members? In recent years, I've worked with farms to grow sales. In one case, traffic from this site drove over $12,000 in revenue, tracked by a coupon. For another farm, an online order form I built took more than $4,500 of deposits online, corresponding to approximately $15,000 of revenue. If you would like to join our affiliate program, please visit our farmer affiliate information page. If you would like an online form or other software help, please contact us.

If you have a question about this site, or any of the content on it, or a suggestion/correction or deletion, please contact us.

I also wanted to list resources for local farmers that I've come across:

  1. The CSU Small Farms mailing list sends infrequent emails about classes, grants and other useful opportunities for small farms. Also, a quarterly small farm aimed classifieds is sent to this email list.
  2. Here's a research paper from Leslie Reiker, a student at Colorado State University: How to Maintain a Sustainable Low-Input CSA Farm in Colorado.
  3. Information on urban agriculture, for neighborhood supported farms.
  4. The Boulder county extension office has lots of useful information for farmers.
  5. Colorado Farm To Market has information on regulations for farm produced products.
  6. Farm and Food Jobs is a jobs site focusing on farm and food based jobs.
  7. A free online handbook on running, planning, and growing a multi-farm CSA
  8. National CSA Signup Day
  9. 2015 California CSA survey - a PDF which has lots of information about CSA size, turnover rates, membership types, deposit timelines, etc.