Aspen Moon Farm CSA: Fresh, Organic Produce Delivered to Your Door

Are you in search for freshest organic produce, straight from the farm to your table? Look no further than Aspen Moon Farm CSA. Nestled in the heart of a picturesque valley, Aspen Moon Farm has been a symbol of quality, sustainability, and community-driven agriculture for years.

Why Choose Aspen Moon Farm CSA?

When you join the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at Aspen Moon Farm, you’re not just buying food; you’re investing in a healthier future for yourself and the environment. Here’s why the Aspen Moon Farm CSA program stands out:

Organic Practices: Aspen Moon Farm is committed to using organic, biodynamic farming practices, ensuring you receive nutrient-rich products without harmful chemicals.
Seasonal Variety: The CSA shares are filled with a diverse range of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs, allowing you to enjoy the natural rhythms of the land.
Community Engagement: Aspen Moon Farm CSA connects farmers and consumers, fostering a sense of community and trust. Your support directly benefits the local farming ecosystem.
Flexible Options: From weekly to bi-weekly shares, Aspen Moon Farm offers various subscription options to suit every household and budget.

Aspen Moon Farm CSA PICKUPS

CityDay of WeekNotes
DenverTuesday4-6pm at Potager Restaurant. 1109 Ogden St. in Capital Hill.

Aspen Moon Farm CSA SHARES

$715$32.50ProduceDenver Full22 WeeksThis is for pick up in Denver (includes $55 annual delivery fee)
$680$30.91ProduceBoulder Full22 WeeksThis is for pick up in Boulder. (includes $20 annual delivery fee)
$660$30.00ProduceFarm Full22 WeeksThis is for pick up at the farm.
$380$34.55ProduceBoulder Half11 WeeksThis is for pick up in Boulder. (includes $20 annual delivery fee)
$360$32.73ProduceFarm Half11 WeeksThis is for pick up at the farm.
$250$35.71ProduceFall Share7 WeeksPickup at the farm, self serve. Double share at last pickup.
$185N/AFruitFruit ShareN/ACertified Organic fruit provided by Ela Family Farms in Hotchkiss, CO.
$125$12.50FlowersFlower Share10 WeeksCustom fresh organic flower bouquets to adorn your home, mid July- mid September

What Can You Expect From Aspen Moon Farm?

When you become a part of the Aspen Moon Farm CSA program, you can expect a delightful blend of quality, freshness, and innovation. Each basket is thoughtfully curated to provide a balanced assortment of seasonal favorites and unique heirloom varieties.

Aspen Moon Farm transcends being just a source of tasty produce. It’s a unique intersection where agriculture meets creativity, offering farm tours, workshops, and events that enlighten and motivate. A visit to the farm reveals the unending dedication and affection infused into each piece of fruit, vegetable, and herb.


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Growing Methods at Aspen Moon Farm

At Aspen Moon Farm, the cultivation of high-quality produce is not just about the end result, but the journey of growing itself. The farm has implemented various sustainable and innovative growing methods to ensure the integrity and vitality of every crop. Here’s an insight into some of the key growing methods practiced at Aspen Moon Farm:

1. Organic Farming

  • Practices: Utilizing natural fertilizers, crop rotation, and biological pest control.
  • Benefits: Ensures crops are free from synthetic chemicals, promoting health for both consumers and the environment.

2. Biodynamic Farming

  • Practices: This holistic approach considers the farm as a single organism, taking into account lunar cycles, soil health, and biodiversity.
  • Benefits: Enhances soil fertility and promotes a balanced ecosystem within the farm.

3. Permaculture Practices

  • Practices: Designing agricultural systems to mimic natural ecosystems, focusing on sustainability and the integration of plant varieties.
  • Benefits: Reduces waste and energy input, while enhancing the resilience and productivity of the farm.

4. Cover Cropping

  • Practices: Growing specific crops to manage soil erosion, fertility, and disease.
  • Benefits: Protects and enriches the soil, while suppressing weeds and pests.

5. Integrated Pest Management

  • Practices: Using a combination of biological, physical, and chemical methods to control pests in a way that minimizes harm to people and the environment.
  • Benefits: Reduces reliance on chemical pesticides, fostering a healthier crop and ecosystem.

6. Season Extension Techniques

  • Practices: Utilizing greenhouses, hoop houses, and row covers to extend the growing season.
  • Benefits: Allows for a more diverse crop selection and a longer harvest season.

7. Water Conservation Techniques

  • Practices: Implementing efficient irrigation methods like drip irrigation and rainwater harvesting.
  • Benefits: Conserves water, an essential resource, and ensures that plants receive optimal hydration.
  • Certified Organic: Yes
  • Certified Naturally Grown: No
  • Certified Biodynamic: Yes
  • Neighborhood Supported: No

Aspen Moon Farm’s commitment to these growing methods reflects a profound respect for the land, the produce, and the community they serve. The farm’s approach not only nourishes the body but also feeds the soul, connecting people to the earth in the most primal and pure way. Join Aspen Moon Farm CSA today to be part of this beautiful, sustainable journey and savor the fruits of labor that are grown with care, wisdom, and love.

What Can You Expect From Aspen Moon Farm?

1. Quality Produce

  • Description: Aspen Moon Farm is committed to providing nutrient-rich products without harmful chemicals, utilizing organic, biodynamic, and naturally grown farming practices.
  • Impact: Healthier food options for you and your family.

2. Seasonal Variety

  • Description: CSA shares filled with a diverse range of seasonal vegetables, fruits, and herbs, allowing you to enjoy fresh and naturally ripened produce.
  • Impact: A unique culinary experience in sync with the natural rhythms of the land.

3. Community Engagement

  • Description: Opportunities to connect with farmers and other consumers, fostering a sense of community and trust.
  • Impact: Strengthened local agriculture and food systems.

4. Educational Opportunities

  • Description: Farm tours, workshops, and events that enlighten and motivate, giving insights into farming practices and food production.
  • Impact: A deeper understanding and appreciation for where your food comes from.

5. Flexible Options

  • Description: Various CSA subscription options to suit different household sizes and budgets.
  • Impact: Accessibility to fresh, local produce for a wider range of consumers.

6. Sustainable Practices

  • Description: Commitment to environmental stewardship through sustainable farming methods like water conservation, integrated pest management, and permaculture practices.
  • Impact: Contribution to a greener planet and a more balanced ecosystem.

7. Unique Offerings

  • Description: Specialty shares like fruit and flower shares, in addition to traditional vegetable offerings.
  • Impact: Opportunity to enjoy unique and specialized products directly from the farm.

Aspen Moon Farm is not just a place to buy produce; it’s an experience that brings you closer to the source of your food. Through responsible farming practices and community engagement, they offer a tangible connection to the land and its bounty. By joining Aspen Moon Farm CSA or visiting the farm, you become part of a movement that values quality, sustainability, and community. It’s a journey towards better health, environmental stewardship, and a deeper appreciation for the art and science of farming.


  • CSA pick-up is farm-stand style. Members gather and bag own produce. Members will benefit from some available choices (for example: kale or spinach, beets or radish, big or small carrots); not every item will be by choice. Please allow 10-20 minutes to gather produce. Will have a few pre-bagged shares for the person on the run.

    Have biodynamic and organic certifications.

    Have seasonal u-pick opportunities. Limited eggs for sale for CSA members. Soy-free feed.

    Fruit Share add-on will be available through Ela Farms, an Organic fruit grower on the Western Slope.

    Also, we often have raspberries and strawberries available to CSA members at a discount!

    Contact if you want to arrange pickups in other areas, as they have a minimum share purchase needed to set up a pickup.

    Biweekly veggie shares, biweekly flower shares, and fruit shares are NOT available for Denver pick-up.
  • Sells meat without share commitment: No
  • Sells eggs without share commitment: Yes
  • Home delivery: No

We do our best to keep our information up to date, but it is best to visit Aspen Moon Farm’s webséite or call them at 303-684-6848 to get the most recent information. (This page was most recently changed on 2016-01-16.)


Aspen Moon Farm represents a vision of farming that respects the Earth and nourishes its community. With its CSA program, Aspen Moon Farm ensures a weekly supply of fresh, organic produce to its members, fostering a closer connection between farmers and consumers. Invest in your health and support local agriculture by joining the Aspen Moon Farm CSA program today. You’ll taste the difference, and the Earth will feel it.


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