Exploring Native Hill Farm’s CSA Program: A Sustainable Choice for Fresh Produce in Northern Colorado

Welcome to your guide to the Farm Share program offered by Native Hill Farm. This family-operated, diversified vegetable farm is renowned for its commitment to growing high-quality, organic produce for the local community. Nestled in the vibrant landscape of Northern Colorado, Native Hill Farm stands as a testament to the virtues of sustainable farming and local food systems. Their Farm Share program, also known as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, allows members to enjoy a share of the farm’s bountiful produce throughout the growing season. This guide will provide an overview of Native Hill Farm’s Farm Share, illuminating how you can participate, what you can expect in your share, and the profound impacts of supporting your local farm.

Native Hill Farm PICKUPS

CityDay of WeekNotes
Fort CollinsWednesday4-7pm in the parking lot of Beaver’s market
Fort CollinsSaturday8-12pm at the Larimer County Courthouse
Fort CollinsMondayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm
Fort CollinsTuesdayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm
Fort CollinsWednesdayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm
Fort CollinsThursdayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm
Fort CollinsFridayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm
Fort CollinsSaturdayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm
Fort CollinsSundayAt farm stand, 8am-6pm

Native Hill Farm SHARES

TypeDescriptionLengthWork Req.Notes
$515$21.46Market (?)Large CSA Share24 WeeksNoGreat for Vegetarians, Vegans, and “Foodies”!
$415$17.29Market (?)Medium CSA Share24 WeeksNoGreat for families!
$315$13.13Market (?)Small CSA Share24 WeeksNoGreat for couples or home gardeners!


Native Hill Farm

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  • Certified Organic: No
  • Organic methods: Yes
  • Certified Naturally Grown: No
  • Certified Biodynamic: No
  • Biodynamic methods: No
  • Neighborhood Supported: No


  • Native Hill Farm is a four season, family run, diversified, and intensive vegetable farm located in north Fort Collins, Colorado. We strive to cultivate the freshest and highest quality, naturally grown produce for our neighbors. We farm year round using innovative and sustainable growing practices with a focus on passive season extension techniques, innovation, cover cropping, energy efficiency, and water conservation. We are committed to preserving and encouraging the rich agrarian heritage of this high desert place we call home.
  • Sells meat without share commitment: No
  • Sells eggs without share commitment: No
  • Home delivery: No

We do our best to keep our information up to date, but it is best to visit Native Hill Farm’s website or call them at 970-217-8964to get the most recent information. (This page was most recently changed on 2016-02-21.)


In conclusion, the Community Supported Agriculture program at Native Hill Farm offers a unique opportunity for residents of Northern Colorado to support local, sustainable farming while enjoying fresh, nutritious produce throughout the growing season. As we’ve seen, CSA programs like the one at Native Hill Farm foster strong connections between consumers and their food sources, promoting a greater understanding of sustainable agriculture and its vital role in our communities.

Whether you’re new to the concept of CSA or a long-time advocate, exploring Native Hill Farm’s CSA program is more than just a choice for fresh produce—it’s a commitment to supporting sustainable agriculture, local farmers, and the health of our environment. By choosing Native Hill Farm’s CSA program, you’re not just nourishing your family with the finest produce—you’re becoming part of a larger movement that values food quality, environmental stewardship, and community resilience. So, join us in celebrating the bountiful harvest of Northern Colorado and savor the richness that sustainable farming brings to our tables and our lives.

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