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As of 2021, this site is no longer maintained. I am keeping the data up for historical purposes, but please contact the farmer directly. Note they may no longer be in business or offering farm shares.



City Day of Week Notes
Boulder Wednesday 4pm-7pm. at the farm or the Boulder County Farmer's Market
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Price Price/
Type Description Length Work Req. Notes
$650 $32.50 Produce Large Share 20 Weeks No 4-5 people
$450 $22.50 Produce Medium Share 20 Weeks No 2-4 people
$350 $17.50 Produce Small Share 20 Weeks No 1-2 people
$300 $30.00 Wine Wine & Cheese Share 10 Weeks No 1 bottle of wine paired with cheese from Cured in Boulder
$225 $11.25 Fruit Fruit Share 20 Weeks No An average of 3 lbs of organic, seasonal, Colorado fruit
$150 $10.00 Flowers Flower Share 15 Weeks No
$120 $12.00 Coffee Coffe Share - Decaf 10 Weeks No 1lb. every other week for 10 weeks (supplied by Conscious Coffees, Boulder, CO)
$120 $6.00 Eggs Egg Share 20 Weeks No 1 dozen of eggs
$110 $11.00 Coffee Coffee Share - Regular 10 Weeks No 1lb. every other week for 10 weeks (supplied by Conscious Coffees, Boulder, CO)
$60 $6.00 Bread Bread Share 10 Weeks No 1 loaf every other week for 10 weeks (20oz. peasant loaf from Kim & Jakes Cakes, Boulder, CO, gluten free and vegan). Farm pick up only

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