The Definitive Guide to Flower CSA Programs in Colorado: Complete List for 2023

Welcome to our definitive guide to Flower CSA Community Supported Agriculture programs in Colorado for 2023. The Centennial State is renowned for its colorful and diverse flora, which local farmers cultivate with care and passion. Through CSA programs, these farmers share the splendor of their blooms with members of their communities, providing an opportunity to enjoy fresh, locally-grown flowers throughout the growing season. This guide aims to introduce you to the many flower CSA programs in Colorado, supporting local agriculture while bringing the beauty of the state’s flowers to your home.

Flower CSA Programs in Colorado: The Complete List

Here’s a list of some Colorado farms that may offer CSA flower share programs

NamePhoneWebsiteLocationPickup CitiesDetailsUpdated
Aspen Moon Farm303-684-6848Aspen Moon Farm websiteLongmontBoulderDenverLongmontView Details2016-01-16
Blooms970-829-1549Blooms websiteFort CollinsFort CollinsView Details2019-01-06
Cure Organic Farm303-666-6397Cure Organic Farm websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2017-02-09
Friar Farms303-618-1834Friar Farms websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2018-03-24
Happy Belly970-761-0355Happy Belly websitePaoniaAspenBasaltCarbondaleGlenwood SpringsTellurideRidgewayView Details2019-03-31
Just What Grows Gardens979-370-1712 BrushBrushView Details2016-01-17
karmAFARMa303-210-2137karmAFARMa websiteLakewoodLakewoodLakewoodLakewoodView Details2016-04-09
Lyons Farmette303-596-8908Lyons Farmette websiteLyonsLyonsView Details2015-10-31
Pachamama Farm and Wellness716-860-3594Pachamama Farm and Wellness websiteLongmontBoulderLongmontBoulderLongmontView Details2017-03-03
Pastures Of Plenty303-440-7103Pastures Of Plenty websiteLongmontBoulderDenverDenverLongmontDenverView Details2016-01-17
Peach Valley970-876-2850Peach Valley websiteSiltAspenOld SnowmassEdwardsBasaltRifleEagleCarbondaleGypsumGlenwood SpringsNew CastleSiltView Details2016-01-17
Raspberry Hill Farm970-568-7424Raspberry Hill Farm websiteWellingtonFort CollinsView Details2015-02-11
Sol Y Sombra Farm303-618-3510Sol Y Sombra Farm websiteHygieneHygieneLongmontView Details2015-02-15
Zephyros Farm and Garden970-527-3636Zephyros Farm and Garden websitePaoniaPaoniaCarbondaleEl Jebel/BasaltAspenView Details2016-01-07


In conclusion, Colorado’s Flower Community Supported Agriculture programs offer an exceptional opportunity for floral enthusiasts and advocates of sustainable agriculture. Not only do you receive fresh, locally-grown flowers on a regular basis, but you’re also directly supporting local farmers and contributing to the sustainability of the local economy and environment. This list represents a vibrant assortment of Colorado’s CSA programs that are cultivating and distributing beautiful flowers. Explore these options and become part of the CSA movement – for the beauty of your home, the health of the local farming community, and the sustainability of Colorado’s beautiful natural landscape.


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