Top 10 Boulder CSA Lists for Fresh, Local Produce

Welcome to our curated selection of Boulder’s top 10 Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs. As Boulder’s residents increasingly appreciate the value of fresh, locally sourced produce, the CSA scene in the city has seen tremendous growth. Our list highlights the standout CSA programs, providing Boulder’s health-conscious and environmentally friendly consumers with an array of choices for fresh, local, and often organic produce. Whether you’re a lifelong Boulder resident or new to this vibrant city, our guide is designed to connect you with the local farms that best suit your nutritional needs, lifestyle, and culinary exploration. Let’s dive into the world of farm-fresh food and support Boulder’s thriving local agriculture scene together!

NamePhoneWebsiteLocationPickup CitiesDetailsUpdated
63rd Street Farm720-938-305963rd Street Farm websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2015-06-29
Cultiva303-443-9952Cultiva websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2016-02-04
Cure Organic Farm303-666-6397Cure Organic Farm websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2017-02-09
Friar Farms303-618-1834Friar Farms websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2018-03-24
Jacob Springs Farm720-201-5725 BoulderBoulderView Details2016-01-07
Lucky Weather Ranch303-483-3318Lucky Weather Ranch websiteBoulderBoulderBoulderView Details2016-01-10
North Wind Ranch303-506-7035North Wind Ranch websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2015-04-05
Settembre Cellars303-532-1892Settembre Cellars websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2017-02-09
Sunbeam Farmn/aSunbeam Farm websiteBoulderBoulderView Details2016-01-16
The Diaz Farm720-454-5475The Diaz Farm websiteBoulderBoulderBoulderBoulderView Details2019-01-06
The Valmont Farm303-909-7568The Valmont Farm websiteBoulderBoulderBoulderView Details2016-01-16

Boulder County Farmers Market CSA

The CSA program from the Boulder County Farmers Market is a favored option for those wishing to back local growers while savoring fresh, locally-harvested produce. Their offerings encompass a broad spectrum of seasonal fruits and vegetables, in addition to locally crafted items like honey, eggs, and bread. Joining their CSA program not only lets you tap into top-notch produce, but also enables you to support the farming community within Boulder County directly.

Cure Organic Farm

Cure Organic Farm is a well-respected CSA in Boulder, renowned for its extensive assortment of fresh, organic produce. They champion sustainable farming practices, and are committed to supplying their members with superior quality fruits and vegetables. Membership in their CSA provides you with a weekly or bi-weekly box of seasonal produce, featuring items such as tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, among others. Your support for Cure Organic Farm not only leads to your enjoyment of delectable, locally-grown food, but also contributes to a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious food ecosystem.

Red Wagon Organic Farm CSA

Red Wagon Organic Farm stands out as another favored CSA in Boulder, with a mission to deliver fresh, organic produce to its members. They provide an array of CSA offerings, which include a conventional weekly box, a market-style CSA empowering members to pick their own produce, and even a distinctive flower CSA. They employ organic and sustainable farming techniques to grow their produce, assuring you of superior quality and nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables. Becoming a part of Red Wagon Organic Farm’s CSA program allows you to back local agriculture and relish the advantages of consuming fresh, locally grown produce.

Aspen Moon Farm CSA

Aspen Moon Farm is a highly regarded CSA in Boulder that offers a wide range of fresh, locally grown produce. They prioritize sustainable farming practices and focus on providing members with a diverse selection of fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. Aspen Moon Farm also offers add-on options such as eggs, honey, and flowers, allowing members to customize their CSA experience. By joining Aspen Moon Farm CSA, you can support local farmers and enjoy the convenience of receiving high-quality, seasonal produce directly from the farm.

Black Cat Farm Table Bistro CSA

Black Cat Farm Table Bistro CSA is a distinctive offering in Boulder’s CSA scene, providing a truly farm-to-table experience. They cultivate their own produce on-site and skillfully transform it into delectable, seasonally inspired meals served at their restaurant. Membership in their CSA grants you not just access to fresh, locally-grown produce, but also the privilege of savoring meals made from farm-fresh ingredients by proficient chefs. It’s an exceptional way to both back local agriculture and immerse yourself in the cream of Boulder’s culinary culture.


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